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A2O Properties

A2O Properties Eliminates 5 Hours of Rework Each Week.

5 hrs

Less Rework

Teams save about 5 hours each week of rework.

5 hrs

Reduced Busy Work

Each employee saves about 5 hours each week of administrative work.

1 Truth

Faster Document Access

Teams have one source of truth for all project needs.

The Challenge

A2O Properties used manual processes to manage projects, but tracking project details was growing increasingly complex—not to mention time-consuming.

The Solution

Procore’s user-friendly system consolidated project information into one place, boosting efficiency and communication. The team also gained real-time information, quick access to documents, and consistency across processes.

“Our field guys love the ease of communication between the field and office. They don’t have to text message a picture to me and then I save it. The pictures are there for everyone. They’re time-stamped and location-stamped. The field team loves it.”
Alissa Mehlberg, Purchasing Agent
A2O Properties

The Story

For A2O Properties’ Purchasing Agent Alissa Mehlberg, learning about construction came as early as learning to walk. With her mother owning her own general contracting business, she was quickly immersed in the world of construction management.

“My siblings and I read blueprints with her on the kitchen table when we were little kids,” she recalls smiling.

Over the years the business grew, and Mehlberg later decided to join the company. But something quickly caught wher attention: despite the business’s growing success, the team still relied on manual processes—emails, spreadsheets, and paper notes—to manage projects.

“Storing attachments in one big folder with sub-folders was very labor-intensive. And heaven forbid you lose one of those pieces of paper. Integrating schedules and getting everything in one place was a necessity,” she says.

After researching construction management solutions, Mehlberg decided to set up a call with Procore to see a demo. Shortly after, the team implemented the software across all projects. With Procore, they had accurate and up-to-date information, quick access to documents, and processes were consistent. Best of all, the tools were user-friendly and intuitive.

“Our field guys love the ease of communication between the field and office. They don’t have to text message a picture to me and then I save it. The pictures are there for everyone. They’re timestamped and location-stamped. The field team loves it."

She continues, “Better communication is probably the biggest benefit. Sending RFIs is so much faster. I can get flagged on something, follow up to make sure it got taken care of, and then close it out. It’s a big timesaver."

In fact, with more efficient processes, each employee saved five hours of administrative work and about five hours a week of rework. Teams no longer had to rely on slow manual processes.

“We can get the information out there faster. I don’t have to drive 25 minutes to deliver a document. I scan it quickly on my phone, upload it, and someone can look at it. Teams can also send a photo attached to an RFI and you get the full picture—it’s definitely much more accurate and much faster."

By streamlining processes, A2O not only improved internal processes, but it also gave clients greater visibility. As a result, they were able to boost efficiency for all project stakeholders, reinforcing their commitment to delivering projects to the highest standard of quality.

About A2O Properties

With over 20 years of design and construction experience, Alpha to Omega Properties provides comprehensive construction and interior design solutions. They have become known for their spacious master baths, stunning yet functional gourmet kitchens, and specialized cabinetry and mouldings for custom homes, additions, and renovations.

Location: Rochester, MI

Primary Industry: Residential, Commercial, And Industrial

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